I wanted to take a moment to share something incredible with you. You know, not too long ago, I was just a regular viewer with a mild curiosity and a deep love for music. I had zero experience in DJ controller mixing and streaming, but that didn't stop me from diving headfirst into starting this thrilling adventure.

Along the way, something truly amazing happened. I connected with other streamers, those who had already carved their paths in the streaming world. They really helped out with words of encouragement and motivation. They told me about their own humble beginnings, the challenges they faced, and the triumphs they celebrated. Hearing their stories ignited a fire within me.

These fellow streamers told me to embrace the randomness, to dance to my own beat, and to revel in the joy of sharing my passion. Their support gave me the courage to continue my journey to go live on Twitch, to weave my own musical tales, and to create a space where viewers became a part of the magic.

I would like to take this opportunity to mention and thank the original streamers that have been pivotal in where I find myself today. There are a lot more, but these especially have stood out amongst the crowd.

Lizzie Curious

Martino Edwardo

Chef PLR

DJ Wisp

DJ Janus Lauvring

Eddie Boom Art


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