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And so the Twitch Journey begins....

Step into the extraordinary world of D4_Damaja_UK, where music and my unique style collide in a journey filled with the unexpected and hopefully some fun! With no prior experience in DJ controller mixing/streaming, it’s a fearless venture into the unknown, embracing the unpredictability of anything could happen (stop the wrong deck, beats unmatched, mic not working, you get the picture).

With each performance, weaving an enchanting tapestry of beats and melodies, infusing an element of randomness that keeps the audience on their toes. From unexpected mashups/remixes to surprise genre switches, every set is a thrilling rollercoaster ride that defies conventions and redefines entertainment. That’s what I would like, and yet I can assure you, the reality will be far from that. However, if you have read this far, I have already got your attention, so why not join me and at least help build that dream (constructively of course, we want this to be supportive).

Streaming live on Twitch, the hope is to transform this channel into a delightful playground where viewers become co-conspirators in the musical escapade. Engaging with fans, to celebrate the love of music, fostering a community that revels in the shared experience. Damn! Even I’m intrigued to see where this goes.

With a music library of limited expanse, it will be an interesting curation of a creative mix that promises to surprise and inspire (is that it? This journey will be short I hear you say). I’m not sure who I’ll be inspiring, but somebody will be inspired for sure (even if it is to say, I want to do better than D4_Damaja_UK). I’ll definitely be embracing the magic of spontaneity, letting the rhythm lead the way (or take me away if some of your prayers are answered) as I craft extraordinary sets that leave a lasting impression (how impressive does that sound?).

So, fasten your seatbelts and join D4_Damaja_UK as I navigate the thrilling highs, lows and captivating surprises of my streaming quest. Let go of expectations and embrace the journey of randomness, all while having the time of your life (come on you know I have to boost and hype myself up, right?). Support this audacious dreamer as I carve a niche in the DJing/streaming world with their infectious spirit and a heart full of joy 🎵🚀🎉

It All Begins Here

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Listen to music

In order to be a good DJ streamer you need to listen to tunes

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To be heard you will need to be known in the Twitch world

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Make sure you take time to reflect one what you’ve learned

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Explain your story to be encouraged and motivated

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