Welcome to the DamajaUK Development page.

Web Development
This page is all about the journey taken for all the websites that are presented under the DamajaUK brand. It's more around the technology used, rather than the actual sites themselves.
CHiP Development
CHiP is a fiction character that has been around for a couple of years now. CHiP has been used for games, and AI activities within the DamajaUK exisitence.
XBox Development
Microsoft has now made it easier for anyone to explore the arena of XBox development. So this is my trip into game and app development on the XBox console.
UWP Development
UWP development across Windows and XBox became hot stuff in 2017, so of course DamajaUK had to take a dip into the water.
Mobile Development
Android and IOS development is a must in this day and age - The DamajaUK web and app development for mobile will be picking up in 2018 for sure.
IoT Development
IoT (Internet of Things) is becoming as common as drinking water. And here we are with the trials and errors, using Raspberry Pi, Arduino and the Web.
Old Skool (C64 & Amiga 500) Development
Taking you back to the oldskool, that rocks! With the Copmmodore 64 making a comeback, it makes sense to get the old code back on the road.